Sunday, June 19, 2016


Its Father’s day. Whao!  Happy Father’s day to all of us!

I’m excited to be a father and I believe you are too. I had a dad that was a great man! A caring, good looking, loving disciplinarian, workaholic and southpaw, who is very keen on work done.  He believes everyone has abilities. He was a terrible lover of intelligent young men. My dad was an incurable believer in the gifts of individual human potential and he will jump to help you explore  if he dare gets the chance, even at his own cost . That for me triggers in him an unquantifiable satisfaction. As he grew older, the compassionate spirit in him grew and his words carried heavier weight.  I remember and miss him today. I miss his depth, ruggedness, his enduring love and most potently his native intelligence.  I miss his native intelligence.

As I celebrate Father’s day today with my two boys jumping all over me at an outing after they have finished chasing me with so much laughter, I continue to modify what I want to see these boys become. I read out these things many times and keep adding to them. I concluded that my greatest desire is Legacy- mixed with Godly values.

John, the Baptist had a dad who God could look at and says “Man, I’m sending you a boy and this is what he must be”.  There is nothing like knowing the exact needs of a young person from the beginning. Right here in Nigeria, A man called Josiah Jesse Ransome-Kuti, born in 1855 through serving God and civilization  identified his musical abilities as not just a talent but something that is in the blood and transferable to the children as a Legacy. Infact, according to Yale University professor of ethnomusicology, Michael Veal,  the Ransome Kuti’s Musical descent  remains not only one of the most important musicians in the world of black music but also one of the most important musicians of the post-world war two era.  Today, Between JJ Kuti and Made Kuti are 5 generations of music composers and instrumentalists who have left marks on the sands of time.  

The greatest office in the life of a man is the office of a Father. May God give us the abilities, spirit and resources to run that office excellently and most importantly leave behind a legacy worthy of emulation.  
We are fathers- A son’s first hero, A daughter’s first love.


If you are one or already an expectant father (lol), wish me same please. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I grew up in a home where my dad had a land surveying business. He was a tough man and will not play with his job. For his hard stand, many of us stayed away from his profession. As success grew, so we grew and it began to occur to me that daddy will not always be 42 years old. That he is growing older and would one day need everyone and want us all around him. It never happened.

No one is indispensable! So he believes, and he has developed a mechanism for surviving exiting staffs that shockingly resign. Painfully, it took a while to see that while his wish is to instill that value, he is not in any way getting younger and that even staffs will be a competition later.

Good Parents teach like the masters. Learn from them!
The greatest privilege you enjoy in family businesses is the existence of a carved market and the privilege of learning without many mistakes. The business may not look big now but that is your new worthy burden. Between sole proprietorship and multinational businesses is a management needed in your person that must be able to tell competition that “It’s not business as usual”.

Your parent's business is a personal and extra gift for you. The magnitude of your capacity to expand the business might just go, not less but greater and better than it was transmitted you if you commit yourself to it.

Just re-lace your boot and take your place!

Monday, May 16, 2016


Impatience is the true first love of wrong decision. All great things go through process from conception to delivery. If you don’t allow the thing on your  mind to incubate, you might end up with a premature concept. Until raw ideas get polished through perseverance, they will never change into creatitivity and innovation. Impatience could be a serious career problem.

You can open your mouth to speak and generate hundreds of enemies and fake friends simply because you spoke prematurely. Impatience is the reason why many geniuses have followed the crowd and become ordinarily.

Be Patient! Photo Credit :
Premature reaction can make you legitimately  lose your own thing. Some things are yours but it is not every time you can ask for it. It is not anyone you can ask and you cannot ask the way you like. In some cases, it is even better for others to ask for your own rights!

Ambition, fear, enthusiasm and anxiety can all be expressed positively and negatively. Let your actions speak more than your words. Say less than necessary when you are angry. Be known as that persevering youth who finishes whatever work he starts! Stop pushing away your seat by speaking prematurely. Never be found to be gullible.
Your patience is passed only when your timing is right! Impatience always sleeps amidst tears in the House of Wrong Decision. Reject their accommodation.

Patience is a virtue. Enjoy it!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


I generally suspect simple things. It's one of my major problems with gambling-telling me yesterday, you had $100 but you played a 10-minute game and now you have $1m. Ooooh!  Immediately I congratulate you, my brain starts looking for a business to do with you in order to win some cash from you legitimately!

I was shocked to find out that in many parts of the Bible, the words “simple” and “foolish” could be used interchangeably in so many parts without loss of contextual meaning. It only makes me suspect simple things the more and pushes me again to take the bull of hardwork by the horn.

Smokin' Joe Frazier
The processes of innovation and creativity are never lovely. They drain! Fermentation process involves lots of work activities going on which produces a not too lovely smell but a fantastic product. The sight of the new baby instantly wipes the long tears and screams of a mother immediately after childbirth. For many, the sacrifice of sleep is the price for academic excellence. Hardwork does not always smell or look nice. Infact, sometimes, it takes your smile away but for a while.

This brings me to the words of the old heavyweight champion, Joe Frazier when he said, “Champions aren't made in the ring. They are merely recognized there. What you cheat on in the early light of morning will show up in the ring under the bright lights." There are no shortcuts for hardwork!

If it’s too good to be true, it is definitely too good to be true. Learn to suspect free lunch. Simple work generates simple results. Unfortunately the world needs only the excellent. Great achievements have hurdles all around them.

Life, according to Dr. Tai Solarin, if it is going to be abundant, must have plenty of hills and vales and you as that ambitious youth must surmount or bypass all to become great.

Pay the price for the big deal. The top is empty!


Everywhere is filled up. The places yet unconquered are dark and secret.
 As empty as you think space is, its filled with air, gases, etc. Until you make an attempt to occupy, air remains the custodian of that space. Bridges makes roads amidst the sea. Babies make space for themselves in a female's womb. There are always bigger giants standing to occupy where you want to take. Many times they got there before you or got lucky to form a territory even when their so called tall wall is cardboard.
To occupy, keep in mind that there are few lucks on the earth amidst billions of people. Luck is at the casino and it does not know you. You can't run your life on the sides of a dice. The god of luck calls the lucky the unlucky at the same time. The best of things come with preparation and readiness!
There is a always way to occupy!

Finally, occupiers only shift for what claims its authority and rights.Creativity and Innovation can only be triggered by you if exert first, the strength within. You got to swallow the capsules that ignite your internal force needed for conquest. At that time when you decide to make that next hard push, you may never know that you are causing an internal crack somewhere. If you intensify, you will find out that what you are afraid of is afraid of you. If you get too vigorous, the door might just open super-wide in acceptance of your compelling entry... or even shatter and bow to you!

Occupy that space and take the stage! 

Saturday, May 14, 2016


"The worst part about been strong is that no one ever asks if you are okay"

Everyone needs who to tell the truth and be safe. Many times, I either remain silent or depend on me rather than trust a parrot. Trust scores are usually and generally low.

Yet there is a brother closer than a friend who sticks to you like the cult. His word is his bond. He believes too that "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb"
He is my tag team.
You always have a person
When you find this your truthsayer and you are spiritually sure, keep him. For a bird at hand is the very bird. Hold him well. There may be nothing in the bush


Each time I recall the entry of Rose after she was invited by Jack from the royal 1st class Party of the big ship in the film, Titanic into that Gaelic storm steering band's heated live performance at the Titanic's 3rd class Ship Base, I am compelled to affirm that creativity carries happiness around like an electromagnetic force exciting both the judge and the audience.

Happiness is not locked up in a Moet, a Marlboro, a Mulatto, a Mercedes or in a wrap of Marijuana but sediments in the dormancy of creativity. The popping up of your genius leads to the discovery of true self-happiness. Wealth or poverty in the absence of creativity or problem solving skills leads only to non-fulfillment, loneliness or bitterness. People doing what they should be doing are always happy. Whether they live in the eyebrow areas  or in the creeks does not matter! In fact, creativity till today, still makes the ordinary dine with the royals! 

Smash anything that attacks your creativity by wasting the innovative thinking space  and thinking time of your mind. Secrets, wrongdoing, fear etc are creativity killers. 

Jack and Rose at the very creative Gaelic band live show in the film, Titanic
Burst them! Put a smile on someone's face daily through your genius. It will come back to you in folds.

There is a joy unspeakable when you can boldly say "I have found my place". Hard work, innovation, wisdom, information and God's help are inevitably needed on the way there. Inch daily into your passion. 

...And then you will find out, not too long after that not only is your creativity a source of fulfillment to you, but also the reference point for inspiration and Happiness for others.